Was Edmund Burke really just Hitler in disguise

Edmund Burke is the liberal that liberals love to hate because they associate him with modern conservatism. Burke also committed the incredible sin of opposing the French Revolution. And this is a big problem because of the tremendous influence of Marxism over modern liberals. Marx had a hard on for the French Revolution since Marx was basically a psychopath. Modern liberalism is really based on the idea that all means are fully justified…including beheading women as long as it leads to politically correct ends. And it got this evil idea from Marx.

Liberals have no problem with the French Revolution and the beheading of Marie Antoinette. The reason is that the whole French Revolution was supposed to be on behalf of the poor. The ends (helping the poor) justify the beheading of a young mother. Anybody who disagrees is a fascist.

Reading Burke its pretty clear that his opposition to the French Revolution was because he was disgusted by it. They beheaded Marie Antoinette. Now for any man there is this natural biological impulse to protect women. Its not rational, it can’t be justified intellectually. But its present. So naturally when Marie Antoinette was beheaded…it was something that Burke really didn’t like. It was something he didn’t like so much that he wrote a screed attacking the Enlightenment values in his pamphlet: Reflections on the Revolution in France.

Not liking a movement that cuts young women’s heads off. Does that make you Hitler? Well according to Martin Pugh it very much does. In fact Pugh thinks Burke is so bad for believing that being civilized should mean that you don’t cut a young mothers head off that he basically says Burke was Hitler. I am exaggerating a bit but really a lot less than Martin Pugh. I am also playing fast and loose with facts:  Burke wrote his Reflection on the Revolution in France BEFORE Maria Antoinette was beheaded. But why let facts, history and context get in the way of a good argument…it certainly never stopped Martin Pugh.

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