Jamelle Bouie’s Liberal Pathology

Slate just keeps getting dumber. Here is a fantastic example for Jamelle Bouie, Slate’s resident insane black liberal.

According to liberal religion any difference between races must be caused by racism: I will call this, “THE MAN DID IT” TMDI. But of course how to explain asian over-achievement. Or for that matter Jewish over-achievement? Liberals have tried various explanations. All of them are crap. I’ll destroy the standard ones later.

Jamelle Bouie’s article comments on this observation by Andrew Sullivan:

Asian-Americans, like Jews, are indeed a problem for the “social-justice” brigade. I mean, how on earth have both ethnic groups done so well in such a profoundly racist society? How have bigoted white people allowed these minorities to do so well — even to the point of earning more, on average, than whites? Asian-Americans, for example, have been subject to some of the most brutal oppression, racial hatred, and open discrimination over the years … Yet, today, Asian-Americans are among the most prosperous, well-educated, and successful ethnic groups in America.

What gives? It couldn’t possibly be that they maintained solid two-parent family structures, had social networks that looked after one another, placed enormous emphasis on education and hard work, and thereby turned false, negative stereotypes into true, positive ones, could it? It couldn’t be that all whites are not racists or that the American dream still lives?

Andrew Sullivan is basically right. His point is right. Racism is insufficient to explain differences in performance between different cultures. Asians and Jews are both examples. They have done tremendously well despite facing tremendous obstacles.

But Jamelle Bouie reached a new level of stupidity. He presents the explanation of a new liberal children’s story titled: “The Color of Success: Asian Americans and the Origins of the Model Minority”. According to this story,

The United States’ battles against fascism and then Communism meant that Asiatic Exclusion, like Jim Crow, was no longer tenable.

So basically America ended racism against Asians because they couldn’t afford the image problem. This has got to be the dumbest explanation I have ever heard. I have read about fascists criticizing the US. I have read about communists criticizing the US. Unfailingly they bring up the treatment of Black people. Occassionally they will talk about Native Indians…and even more occasionally Jews. The reason for this is straightforward, it was enormously well known that black people were treated like shit in America. So improving the situation for Asians would not help the US in the least…no one in the world gave a shit about how Asians in America were treated. They still don’t to this day. In fact I would say Asians themselves barely care either world wide or in America itself. For instance, Asians have done little to nothing to combat the tremendous discrimination they face in the Ivey League university system.

But there are still other problems with this moronic theory. Consider for instance the Chinese. Chinese don’t just do well in the US, they also do well as immigrants to other countries within Asia itself. For example, they do well in Thailand, Philippines, and Malaysia. I believe in all three, ethnic Chinese, most having immigrated to these countries within the last 150 years, control over 50% of the wealth despite being around 10% of the general population. So what happened then? Did not all the American but also the Filipino, Thai and Malaysian societies simultaneously make a decision that Chinese were to be successful? Is there a meeting where they all agreed to this? Are there meeting minutes? Can liberals provide us with any evidence of this meeting? If there wasn’t how did they co-ordinate among themselves to ensure Chinese success.

Does this make any sense. Why  would the Chinese succeed in 4 different countries in hugely different circumstances. And why would the formula for Chinese success be the same everywhere…basically study engineering. medicine or some lucrative profession.

My explanation is a single, simple one. Chinese are successful because they have a culture and values that enable them to be successful in the modern world. The liberal explanation is much more complicated one since it should be based on how the dominant society treats Chinese. But this requires 4 different explanations for 4 different countries and somehow magically all 4 different explanations must result in exactly same outcome in every country: Chinese economic success. As I said liberals are morons.

All liberal explanations must inevitably be convoluted because truth favors simple explanations. For liberals to get around the truth the have to invent increasingly ridiculous explanations.

An example is the proposed liberal explanation for the incredibly success of Russian Jews in America as being due to the fact that their entry into the United States coincided magically with a massive boom in the textile industry which they just so happened to enter at exactly the same time. This liberal theologian, Stephen Steinberg,  goes on to additionally credit Jewish success to multiple inventions the Jewish textile manufacturers just happened to stumble upon. And the entrepreneurial structure of the industry which Jews just happened to occupy. You see in liberal land, absolutely nothing you do can be credited to you…it all just a series of fortune coincidences. Its not based on choice you made, values you had, ideas you developed, work you did…no its all just accidental.

Self-selection effect

A typical liberal explanation is that immigrants are basically self-selected supermen who are better than people who don’t immigrate. Liberals propose this explanation all the time yet provide little to no evidence its true. I have met a lot of immigrants and I can tell you one thing about them… they are mostly losers. Not all. But many of them. They don’t leave their country because they were successful. They leave their country because it was shit and they were not successful when they lived there. I’ve met many immigrants and I have never said to myself..wow these guys are amazing. The strike me as pretty ordinary people who were doing so badly in their own country that the left it. There are few superstars.

And of course the selection effect ignores the tremendous obstacles immigrants face that the native born don’t. IMMIGRANTS DON’T SPEAK THE FUCKING LANGUAGE. Not all but most. This is a huge fucking disadvantage. 

And almost as bad as this is the fact that immigrants don’t have a social network. Not having a social network: friends you knew since university or high school, relatives, its fucking death if your trying to get a job. In North America all jobs are through connections. Not having those….shit I don’t know what I would do in that situation.

There are many additional points I could make like the fact that African immigrants are hugely successful. So successful in fact that a particular group, Nigerian Igbos, even outscores other ethnic model minorities such as Chinese and Indians. Interestingly the liberals typically say that Blacks failure on the SATs is due to the SATs being culturally biased. But biased against whose culture exactly? Black culture I guess.  I wonder then how children of African immigrants outscore whites on the SATs or white British on the GSCE. I guess African culture is not black culture.

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